We are an architecture and interior design studio offering new language achieved by timeless design, sophisticated craftsmanship, refined details, and the imperfect beauty of natural materials…

As an award-winning studio, OZA proposes high-end bespoke designs that bring together the vernacular knowledge, quality of experience, and the delicacy of rich cultures from both the East and the West. In our London-based design studio, we provide interior and architectural design solutions that respond to exciting briefs from our clients with unique stories. Our wide-ranging international portfolio includes architectural and interior design works that vary from residential, cultural, hospitality and commercial offices to retail projects while we present an extensive collection of furniture and lighting designs. Besides the places we create, we keep expanding our product design collections and other design works via collaborations with artists and artisans who are experts in their fields. 

Our studio is composed of a multidisciplinary creative team of architects and interior designers working dedicatedly to create the best examples of delicately detailed, well-considered, unique places. While tailoring an inspirational comfort, we simultaneously recognize and respect the stories of each client and project environment. The concepts created by OZA surround and cherish the soul that our clients bring in. The richness introduced by their lifestyles is amplified via our designs. We create places that reflect the identity of our clients while enriching their input with our refined design language born out of our passions, dreams, and our diverse backgrounds. We aspire to meet our client’s needs with unparalleled design solutions that yield emotive, human-conscious, and functional responses through the highest quality of design. We created OZA because we believe in the human need for emotion and connection in their environment. In this sense, OZA does not propose a certain style: instead, it suggests a philosophy. It resembles a state of mind, a way of seeing, and a way of being.


OZA was founded in 2011 with Özge Öztürk and Alexandre Simeray’s desire to share their vision and design aspirations on creating luxurious but sincere lifestyles. Together they put forward a new and fresh language in design: unforgettable spaces with narratives, and heirlooms for the future. They stand strong on their inspirational backgrounds going back to France and Türkiye: representing the East and the West. As they work together to design delicately thought futures in their London-based studio, they bring their broad perspective nurtured by their diverse and global expertise, knowledge, and experience together. Currently, they pursue their international projects in locations varying from Europe, Asia, and the United States to the Middle East. 


Starting from our very first meeting, we take you on a journey with OZA to turn your most fantastic dreams into reality. As it is necessary for building all long-lasting relationships, we listen to you carefully and celebrate the chance to know you: what excites you, what makes you happy, and the future you imagine for yourself… With a holistic approach to design and our experience in multidisciplinary fields, we take care of your needs and desires carefully. Being an approachable and diverse team, we are there for your day-to-day correspondence throughout and beyond the project.

Interior Design

When we are starting your project, we work closely with you to understand your needs and desires. Upon getting to know your priorities better, we present you our vision for the look and feel of the project with materials, textures, references and more than all, feelings, senses, and stories. Following your comments, we create the first hand-drawn sketches turning into options for layouts that help you visualize what your spaces’ future will look like. As we carry on with detailed concept presentations and specifications for furniture and finishes, we materialize our shared dreams for your perfect place. During this process, we support you with our experience and expertise that sustain us to realize the best projects with unmatched craftsmanship and flawless design applications which only require you to turn the key to start experiences upon completion.

With an unmatched attention to detail, we look to discover the potential of each project. As we describe a sophisticated comfort, we show the elegance hidden in each material that we use, we propose an exclusive experience and story for each space. Together with craftsmen and artists who put in their superior skills for each element of our designs, we create timeless spaces that will endure the changing seasons of life and provide functional beauty and quality.


As a RIBA and ARB chartered practice, we have the expertise to provide you with perfect architectural solutions without having you deal with the complexities of the process. From planning applications to the details of construction we take care of every part of the journey while exploring the context and your needs primarily. We together explore the potential of your project by listening to you and delivering our research and vision for creating great architecture in line with your dreams and in touch with the environment you selected. We then move on with technical drawings and details with our strong capability and experience in acquiring approval for innovative designs.

We approach architecture on various scales from refurbishment to designing extensions with care and high-level knowledge in our field. Our portfolio includes listed buildings refurbishments that require great sensitivity to the context. We approach each project with a considerate approach that acknowledges the whole and achieves the best and most appropriate solution through qualified design.

Technical Design

As readable in our finalized projects, we are experts in technical design and the actualization of hard-to-realize dreams. Working closely with artisans, our background and experience support us in taking care of the finest details during the realization of each project. For us, there is nothing impossible or that should be left in the imagination. We respect and acquire the know-how we inherit from our ancestors, and we are always delighted to explore ways of realizing design proposals through digging into technical knowledge and experimentation.  

With our strong technical knowledge and experience in craftsmanship, we present you with high quality, detailed design solutions that look effortless and striking. From the first surveys to the completion of the details of every piece, we promise you a flawless journey with our experience in overcoming each obstacle that may come up. We guide our teams to reach the most amazing looks and provide excellence in technical design. We work with the best craftsmen and artists in their fields who contribute with their unmatched expertise to excel and go beyond the limits of accustomed design applications for innovative projects. During the application processes, we work closely with the contractors and craftsmen and attend the site to make sure every part of the project is impeccable.

Branding Identity / Concept Creation

Besides creating spaces, we design concepts, branding, and identity too. We work to bring your ideas to life by focusing on every little detail from your logo to the materials and merchandise. When you come to us with ideas for your business or concept, we delicately work on them to design an experience from the beginning to the end. We bring together inspiration from many different fields of art and design. We put them together to create concepts, stories, and lifestyles elegantly. We are providing services such as creating a brand identity including logo, marketing collaterals, designing a menu for your food and beverage brand, art de la table and uniform design for the team. 

We experiment with sketches, materials, colours and innovative creations or ideas while providing you with high-quality branding direction including creative design. In the end, we create a futureproof concept that is unique, timeless, exclusive, fascinating, and pioneering.

FF&E Design & Styling

We source and provide unique pieces of furniture, lighting, artwork, fabrics and fittings around the world from the best designers appropriate to your style and budget. 

With our expertise in product design and craftsmanship, we also provide the best bespoke fitting furniture and lighting design for your project. Using natural materials, we present functional and comfortable products in line with your taste and needs. Bespoke pieces we create by playing with materials in untried ways we create timeless designs. 

We design the unique soul of your space by bringing together bespoke and elegantly picked items and working with expert artists and galleries to make the final touch with perfectly suitable art pieces for your space.


OZA can’t be framed. It exists in every detail of its projects, from the wood grain of its furniture to the glow of its lights. From the softness of the fabrics and the sharpness of the metal to the warmth of the feeling it instils.

OZA can’t be defined by a style, it always reinvents itself and translates atmospheres into physical expressions.

We do not design simply to meet an expected aesthetic. We voluntarily disrupt your preconceptions to produce a work that is as unique as the places we transform.

We approach each project with the desire to provide our clients with a bespoke and timeless creation, tailoring their experience from inception through to completion.